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Mysterious RhizardGuidelines for Role Playing in Chronicles of Denzar Vine Weaver

First of all, welcome to Chronicles of Denzar and thank you for your interest in the Role Playing (RP) Aspect of the game. After a long day of battling monsters, mining or even smithing its fun just to relax in the tavern. These guidelines are to help you get the most out of your RP experience, and have the most fun in the tavern, or other chat rooms.

Guidelines for Role Play (General)

1. What happens in Real Life stays in Real Life.
Leave all real life problems or relationships with other players outside of the chat room. DO NOT bring issues with players in Real Life with you into an RP session. This often generates a lot of headaches for you, other players and the helpers. Also DO NOT use players' real names in chat, unless they wish them to be known by all.

2. What happens in RP stays in RP.
Leave all RP problems or relationships with other players inside of the RP session. Relationships with other players are fine but should ONLY be developed with mutual consent of both players. And the relationship should only leave the RP session ONLY IF both players mutually agree. This also includes anything said between characters in the chat, do not take anything said about your character personally, and DO NOT use your character as a shield to make personal attacks on others.

3. Get on with it!
If a player is causing trouble let the helpers handle it! Don't have your character attempt a sort of vigilante justice by bringing his sword across the offenders' head. Also once a problem has been resolved, DROP IT AND MOVE ON, there is no need to stretch any argument an extra 20 – 30 posts. Just move on and continue with the RP please.

4. Don't God RP.
Try to keep things reasonable in RP in respect to character level and ability. A level 5 Novice does not have the ability to walk through walls or dodge swords with ease. And they most certainly cannot threaten to draw steel on a level 67 Fighter, and expect to be the victor. Now for some higher level characters it is perfectly acceptable to have a few powers, in fact for example a level 93 Wizard would be able to teleport short distances and perform magic with ease due to training and experience.

5. Never involve other characters' actions with your own WITHOUT consent.
Don't type “I cut Billy's head clean off.” or “I pick up Billy and bring him over to the door.” But instead try “I slash my sword toward Billy's head.” and let Billy decide if the blow made contact.

6. Let people know you are speaking In or Out of Character.
This one is important as it helps players know whether to have the character respond or themselves (the characters might hate each other but the players are good friends). General rule of thumb is all actions and text in italics are considered In Character while regular text is considered Out of Character. Also typing OOC: before you speak out of character also helps considerably.

7. Be courteous to other players.
Be courteous and respectful to other players, this includes actions and spoken words. Also try to keep the language clean and age appropriate, we have individuals of all ages viewing this site so please keep it clean. Also remember Dusk does read over the chat logs, so please be nice.

8. Don't bring any outside knowledge into the RP.
If your character was not there or was not told by someone whom was, then your character does not know it. This includes information found in character profiles, books from the library or book store, lurking in another RP but not playing, or reading a transcript of a RP that has already happened.

9. Ask before you RP.
If you enter a chat room and two or more individuals are involved in a RP, DO NOT just jump in. In an OOC: message ask if you can join first. Just jumping in at a critical moment can upset the RP in progress and become a problem. So remember ASK before you join an RP.

Now that we have the general guidelines out of the way lets move on to someways that one can improve their RP experience in a few simple ways.

1. Have a trademark
First pick a trait that your character has and run with it in the chat. This could range from magical powers (if the class supports it) and certain item (like flask or jeweled goblet) or even an accent (like Scottish) and try to use it as much as possible.

2. Be as Descriptive as possible but within reason.
Try to write more than “hi” when you enter the tavern. Briefly describe how your character enters the tavern and maybe announces their presence. But don't write an entire book or thesis on how your character enters, keep it descriptive and brief.

3. Have backstory and a description.
Write down little bits and pieces about your character and try to emphasis them when ever possible. Things like scars, hair (or fur) color, or features also help set the tone of the game. Also having a history can determine why your character will act a certain way.

Try to follow the above guidelines your RP experience will be heightened and more enjoyable. Not only for you but for the other players of the game.

Now good luck and happy RPing.

-- Athrun Nailo
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