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Tavern and Magi Cafe Rules

Things that you could get banned from chat for doing:
  1. All forms of flooding and spamming (includes advertising other links to games). Flooding is defined as continually saying the same thing over and over again (3 lines or more)or random, meaningless letters/symbols repeatedly.
  2. Breaking rules which are listed in the Game Rules and Terms of Service.
  3. Attempting to disrupt the flow of chat.
  4. Posting personal information about yourself or other players without their consent. This includes screennames, emails, personal pictures of other players (doctored or otherwise), addresses, phone numbers, real names, etc. (Personal information)
  5. Messages not following the decency laws.
  6. The use of caps IS allowed within a reasonable manner.
  7. Harassment of Players will not be tolerated. Those who harass players will be removed from chat immediately. This rule is backed by the Community Failure clause in the ToS Game Laws.
  8. If a moderator or administrator asks for a sensitive topic to be dropped, the user is responsible to drop the topic in a polite and respectful manner. Failure to comply will result in a communication ban, at the discretion of the moderator or administrator depending on severity.
  9. Please do not swear in the tavern, nor attempt to censor yourself with symbols. The occasional slip will be ignored, but constant swearing will result in a firm warning.
  10. While politics and religion are hot topics in the world, we would prefer that these conversations remain excluded from the tavern at all times for the reason that they can be very sensitive and provoking topics.
  11. There is to be absolutely NO conversations about illegal drugs, illegally using legal drugs, sex (minors play the game!) what so ever.
  12. Although we have members from many countries, we require that the universal language of choice used in the chats be English.
*Please Note: Any ban received is given to the person and not the account. Entering chat on another account is considered evasion and will be dealt with appropriately.*
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