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Game Law

Game crime & punishment:
Following is a list of violations of game law, and the resulting punishments. If the offending player holds multiple accounts, all accounts may be subjected to the same punishment. (That is to say the offender is a person behind any given number of accounts, not just a particular account) Some offenses may result in temporary suspension of posting privileges (the Tavern, forums, clan chat, and other forms of InGame communication), the communication ban terms are reserved for repeat offenders. Game staff reserve the right to interpret these laws in certain situations to maintain the spirit of said laws.

Intentionally spamming or flooding of message boards, chat rooms, or other communication venues will result in a 2 day communication ban.

Follower Links:
Follower links are not allowed to be placed anywhere on the site.
The Followers link is used when someone brings another to the site then upon registering they do so under the one that showed them the game, in which turn the first party will receive credit for the new member.
Links found posted on the site will be edited promptly, if the offence continues the Mark of Cowardice will be applied for 10 days.
Player harassment:
As a side note, this is a difficult topic to be concise about. The Internet is such that public "flame wars" are bound to happen. It is therefore up to game staff to determine when a communication crosses the line into abusive. This is not to say everyone must play nice, this is a combat game after all where you can choose to be InGame Good or Evil. The harassment law only applies to continued and targeted harassment of a particular person, not the ocassional insult. The following language assumes a staff member has deemed the interaction as continued harassment. Public harassment of fellow players will result in a 10 day communication ban. In general, private communications are just that, private, and not subject to decency or harassment laws. Players are encouraged to use the provided privacy tools to stop harassment. With that said, persons who attempt to undermine the privacy tools will also get a 10 day communication ban.

Staff harassment/slander (public locations):
Any complaints against staff will be presented in a clear, courteous manner, bereft of profanity and overflowing in wit and charm. Slanderous/personal attacks/profane communications against staff members will not be tolerated, and will result in the offending remarks removed, and a 2 day communication ban.

Scripts/Continual Connections:
Programs designed to automate actions or continually collect information on the game are not permitted. Any piece of software, be it a custom-made "script" or a simple "refresher" that continually targets a section of the game without human interaction or regard to the content displayed is outright banned. In short, every click sent to the game servers must come from a live person, not an automated system. Anyone found using such a system will have their account frozen.

Unauthorized access of another account/Account sharing/ownership:
Logging in to, or using another person's account without express permission will result in deletion of any/all of the offender's accounts. To clarify the account sharing issue - you cannot share an account with another person. You may "babysit" someone's account, but you may not use another person's account as your own for a prolonged period of time. This rule is mainly in place to deal with situations where two people claim ownership over an account.

Game bug abuse:
Depending on severity, game bug abuse can result in immediate account deletion without prior notification. Bugs, loopholes, security flaws, or any inconsistencies in the game should be immediately reported to staff or filed in a Feedback / Bug Report form.

Players have had questions concerning clarification of certain laws, restrictions, and scenarios, here are the answers:

Community Failure:
Any activity that undermines the game community, presents a general nuisance to the community, or breaks the writ or spirit of any game law is forbidden. There is no set punishment for these actions, and it is up to the discretion of game staff to determine the penalty, dependent on the severity of the infraction.

The account owner is responsible for their account(s) at all times. This means if your friends/family/pet cat log into your account and cause trouble, you will be held responsible. Keep your username and password secure, as you would for any other site.

Repeat offenders:
Harsher punishments/deletions may occur for repeat offenders without any prior notification.

Bad trades/"ripping":
Unless the failure is a result of a confirmed programming error, items lost by players to bad trades will not be returned. Buyer beware.

Lost accounts due to unauthorized access/"hacking":
Accounts will be returned to the proper owner provided they can confirm their identity. No refund of game items or currency will occur. Players who continually "lose" their account will stop having it returned.

Player-Staff interaction:
Both players and staff are expected to coexist in a polite and respectful environment. This applies to professional interaction only, as there are instances when the staff member is acting in the capacity of a player, and not an administrator. This is not to say a staff member may become abusive and claim they were acting in a player capacity, but it does mean a staff member need not be stoic at all times. They're volunteers, and need to relax/get into arguments too. This should never be the case in professional settings (i.e. Feedback / Customer Service requests).

Staff obligations to players:
Staff are obligated to respond to, and, if possible, assist any requests made on the Customer Service board. This is the only official conduit between players and staff, and all requests should be made through it. Players can expect a reply to their queries within 2 business days. (Please note requests should not be made to upper game management directly through the CS board, you're not going to get "better help" by going around the admins.)
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